How to reflect a picture in illustrator

When you move, rotate, reflect (flip), scale, or shear an object that is filled with a pattern, you can transform just the object, just the pattern, or both the object and pattern. Once you transform an objects fill pattern, all patterns that you subsequently apply to that object are transformed the same way. Select the Gradient Tool by pressing G. Press Shift left click from top to the center of the image and release your left mouse click.

See below: Step 6: Select the text and the rectangle image and go to Transparency palate, press the small arrow button on the right of the palette and Make Opacity Mask (see below). That's all? Yeahh. That's all. Whether it's text or an image, you can use Illustrator's Reflect tool to create a mirror image of a selected object. The Reflect tool is part of the Transform group on the Object menu and can also Exactly as Alain said, but once you've selected the Reflect Tool (that's what it's called in the UK version) hold down the Alt key and click once where you want the reflection to come from.

The Alt key sets where you click as the Point of To reflect the object around the objects center point, choose Object Transform Reflect or doubleclick the Reflect tool. To reflect the object around a different reference point, Altclick (Windows) or Optionclick (Mac OS) anywhere in the document window. You can insert a wide variety of objects into your Illustrator CS6 projects, and you can apply various effects to them. For instance, if you place an image on the canvas, you can mirror it to get an interesting effect.

To make a mirrored image in Illustrator CS6, you use the Reflect tool. Nov 02, 2010 Open an image in Photoshop to resize it. You will want to reduce the image size so Illustrator can handle the effects without freezing up or taking forever. I chose an image size of 500px for the width, 72ppi for the resolution.

Then I chose save for web and devices and picked jpeg high quality to Jul 27, 2013 How do I flip images in CCillustrator? TheIrishCurse95 Jul 26, 2013 8: 55 PM I own a printing business, and just recently purchased Creative Cloud, and started using Illustrator for my custom designs.

Illustrator is an Adobe application that enables you to create and modify images using a variety of tools and processes. The interface provides several object transformation tools, including Scale, Rotate and Reflect. Unfortunately, Adobe Illustrator does not have this feature although it is a very powerful and multifeature application. We can, however, implement Live Mirror Drawing in Illustrator by using only its basic features.