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MaiTai Collection. 5. 5K likes. Living in France. Love travelling, blogging, my friends and family. Creating accessories for the wonderful things that MaiTai's Picture Book: Hermes scarf in a waterfall knot A blog about how to wear, tie or knot Hermes carres and square silk scarves, and how to accessorize a capsule, business and travel wardrobe. MaiTai's Picture Book: MaiTai Collection collage part two Find this Pin and more on Mai Tai's inspirations by Marjorie Sargent.

Beautiful contributions from readers, customers and friends from around the globe. Oct 05, 2011  Her blog Mai Tai's Picture Book is a complete howto on understated French dressing.

She has amazing tutorials on how to tie scarves for the uninitiated, and she shows how a few timeless accessories can transform anything from jeans, to a MaiTai from MaiTai's Picture Book. Followers, rankings, reviews, visitors and more in Le Guide Noir. Please click on the images below for detailed instructions. You can vary the knots by pulling them tighter or loosening them, leaving one end longer than the other, pulling bows out or keeping them neat etc.

The possibilities are endless, and I hope you have fun experimenting and discovering your favorite ways! Knots