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I had the privilege of shadowing the Timberline Park Crew for a day. A salute to the guys working their asses off to allow the rest of us to shred in the summer! ! ! @jessehebert1 @molinejesse @coltoncarroll @conorcarroll @hunterbissler @livindaynegerously @swaggyburke @ahoodsummer @hoodstarsd @is This month, freestyle skiing forum, Newschoolers, released their official ranking of the best terrain parks in the Northwest for 2018.

Using comprehensive stats, such as number of features per park, from Snow Park Technologies, combined with Newschoolers own usergenerated Park Poll this years list highlights parks that bring the most stoke for Apr 10, 2018  Newschoolers is Skiings Community. Share your stories of skiing, connect with other skiers, keep up with the latest news, share videos and more.

If you are a skier, you just found your new home. It is day 2, 086, and the gapers have accepted me as one of their own. I have grown to understand and respect their gentle ways. Newschoolers. com Photo of the Day August 8 2013 The next day, this shot of Christ CBo Bolduc from the Mississippi Head trip was chosen as the Photo of the Day.

What a week, thanks Newschoolers for getting stoked on my shots! Sooo, this is day three and we're about to jump into events so this will be the last straightforward practice update you'll be getting from us. Today I filmed everything I couldpretty much all fisheye because I wanted toand here it is in a single video.

Photo of the Day July 11, 2018. Alex McGuiness in Santa Cruz, California. Photo of the Day July 3, 2018. Matthew Slaven in Bellingham, Washington. Photo of the Day June 25, 2018. Kyle Norbraten in Green River, Utah. Photo of the Day June 17, 2018. Andy Grant and Bryn Atkinson in Bellingham, Washington. Photo of the Day June 9, 2018. Mitch This happened on my second day of work at Windells, and anyone who knows how much time I spent away from skiing and laid up on the couch these past few yea 4 Share